JoMaLu Fragrance Oils


Fragrance is a lot more than just a nice smell. It is comfort, it's a memory, it's a place, it's a feeling... and it is all uniquely yours. Those who know me, know I love fragrances and always have something on that is different than the day before. I like my fragrance to to go in tune with my day and with vibe. I believed that all of you should have the opportunity to receive the care, intention and love I put into creating my own scents. So here I bring to you all: JoMaLu Fragrant Oils!

My Scented and their names:

Peach, Cherry Blossom, and a secret floral

Coconut, Praline and something sweet!

Mango Tangerine, Crisp Apple & a tropical fruit!

Honey, Vanilla, Almond, and another sweetness!

Cucumber, Spearmint a wonderful citrus!